Below are workshops that have been presented in alphabetical order by theme.  To learn more about individual past presenters, follow the links to their personal sites.
Academic Writing

Academics speak about their research process and how it can change our understanding of the world we live in.
Students learn to use their collective voice to fight for change in their community, city, and country.  Members of the People's Puppets and Occupy movements discuss consensus, building awareness, and social justice.
Author Visits
Authors speak about their craft, inspiration, and process.  Some do readings, slideshows, and Q&A, while others do hands-on writing workshops to engage students in their own writing.  Published works are purchased for the library and promoted to build anticipation.

Past authors include (in alphabetical order by first name):
Students learn about elements of design, layout, material, and color as well as the production process.  They have the opportunity to design prototypes according to their own aesthetic.
Dramatic Arts/Audio visual
Students learn to express themselves through spoken word, body language, and imagery.  Workshops have included filming shorts, writing, and performing skits.

Graphic Novels
Graphic novels and comics are extremely popular in our school.  These artists and writers have come to talk about their books, visual storytelling, the interaction between illustrations and text, comic panels and the gutter.  Activities have included comic drawing/writing, filling in text bubbles, and creating panels with different visual perspectives.
Students learn different techniques for visual storytelling and self-expression.

Students learned about the process of news publication in the digital age and practiced investigating their own story through roll play.

We use some ASL signs at our school in order to communicate silently during class. This is the sign our students use to show they agree with their classmates.  In this workshop students learn about body language, cultural cues, and basic phrases. We'd love to introduce other languages in the future!
Manga and anime are also a big draw!  This workshop highlighted the difference between Japanese and western comics and exposed students to trends and themes in Manga over time.
Students learn to express themselves through movement as well as learn the history of a particular genre of performance.

Musical Expression
Musicians use songs as a story telling medium and help students understand a particular genre or write their own lyrics.
 Poets work with students to craft their own poems and practice the art of performing them.  We are privileged to have had all visiting poets perform following the keynote as part of our opening ceremonies.
Video Gaming
Students learn about game design including writing setting, characters, and missions.  They also learn about the possibilities of using technology to make games and other programs accessible to people with different abilities.